Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Friday Street Party

Buona Pasqua, my friends.  Happy Easter.  I spent this morning at Siracusa's beautiful Duomo, attending the Pontificale di Pasqua, followed by a typical Easter meal of braised goat and plenty of seafood.  It was a nice way to leave Sicily.  Tomorrow I'll wake up before dawn to catch a train to the southern village of Pozzallo, where I'll board a boat for Malta. By lunchtime, I'll be settled in the tiny capital of Valletta.

On Friday night I stepped out for a bottle of wine to bring back to the hotel and assist me in my evening labors. I unwittingly ran into a Good Friday Procession in which hundreds of people were marching with statues of Jesus and Mary through the streets, backed up by a pretty solid band. I shot some impromptu video with my small digital camera. (Apologies for the quality.) The first video gives a general view of the scene coming through the Piazza del Duomo. The second video focuses on the band, as I marched with them down a narrow alley.

And a couple photos...